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Digital Signage Solutions are growing at an impressive rate in India. Digital Signage Solution is the management and delivery of robust digital video, audio and information through a network to LCD Professional Display Devices to attract or reach a captive audience. With Sharp Professional LCD Monitors product image displays are rendered vividly and clearly, even in brightly lit areas.

 Sharp's e-Signage Solution:

  • Easy to Use Software:Sharp Digital Signage Software is integrated with Sharp Professional Display Panel to provide remotely managed or on-site e-Signage Solutions. The software delivers program creation, scheduling and distribution of information on High Definition Display monitors. Compatible with multiple media sources: Movies, Flash Animation, and Still Images.
  • Choice of installation modes: Choose monitors of different sizes ranging from 32" to 108" with Full HD 1920 x 1080 Resolution to ensure intactness of data and information. Use Landscape or portrait mode to suit your requirements.
  • Superior Durability: Sharp LCD Monitors are rugged enough for continuous 24/7 operation. Because of its Environment friendly design these monitors consume less electricity.
  • Multi Screen Display mode: The Mirror display mode lets you daisy chain several monitors together and have all of them display the same image. Up-to 5x5 enlarged (Zoom View) is possible to show one image/video for large gathering.
  • Monitoring: Manage your content down to every second :Digital Signage solutions make it easy to add, remove and edit content, and stream real-time broadcasting for immediate content delivery.



  • Eliminates creating posters, billboards, printing of updated content
  • Experience vivid colours and dynamic images or videos.
  • Attract customers on the Point of Purchase.
  • Increase Brand and Product offering awareness.
  • Ability to change messages fast, easily and less expensively in multiple locations.
  • Appeals to generation of technically astute buyers who want information now.
  • Attract, engage, educate Potential customers


Active Buyers:

  • Airports and Railway Stations
  • Retail Shops, Restaurants, Malls & Multiplexes
  • Educational Institutes
  • Banks, Museums, and Factories
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